Travel deals in the Baltics and Scandinavia

Do you know what brings together the capitals of the Baltic states besides the physical proximity and the common past?  It is the fact that the historical centers of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian capital are recognized as World Heritage Sites protected by UNESCO.

For example, the old town of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a real medieval citadel of Teutonic mold. Also Riga, the capital of Latvia, once known as the Paris of the North, is full of hundreds and hundreds of buildings in the Art Nouveau style and others in wood hailing from the 19th century. Finally, Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, boasts one of the largest European historical centers. Vilnius is a city full of palaces built according to various architectural styles which UNESCO placed under its wing in 1995.

But this is not all, because the natural beauty, the people who live there, and the lifestyle they enjoy, along with cheap prices, complete the picture.

You have no time to lose. The three Baltic republics are waiting for you.

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